Annual report

The fiscal year ends June 30, and that means time to write reports. Financial reports, visitor reports… if we’ve planned right, we’ll have been keeping good records all along, and just pull the information together for an annual summary. At Brown, centers and other organizations that report to the provost have a form to fill out asking leading questions:

  • What is the single most important accomplishment of the Center this year?
  • Please describe how successful the Center has been at making an impact at Brown.
  • Briefly indicate the center’s progress on goals articulated in last year’s report.
Not a bad idea, really; keeps the report focused, and lets the provost compare the various reports from year to year, and across the organization. I especially like the “impact at Brown” question. Many university museums, in my view, have strayed from thinking about teaching and learning and research for the university community for their main focus. This brings them back.
Here’s the report:
Comments welcome.
I also sent along to the provost the annual report we send out to our members, and to all faculty. That’s a fuller review of the year, with lots of pictures:

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