Building a Professional Persona Online

Friday was Workshop Day at THATCampNE, and Ian Russell and I talked to about 30 folks about your online persona. Ian mostly talked about websites, I mostly talked about twitter.

Here’s the summary from the program:

Building an academic and professional persona online Steven Lubar and Ian Russell, Brown University

It’s important for new and emerging professionals to create and manage their web personas, their personal brands. It’s a way to meet people and keep up with ongoing discussions in your field. It’s also essential in finding job opportunities and getting hired. This workshop will introduce the professional use of twitter, blogs, networking tools like LinkedIn and, online portfolio tools like, and sharing sites like and Aimed at academic and public humanists. For more information, see our blog post.

And from that blog post, some sites that might be of interest on this topic:
Profhacker, part 1 and part 2
Lorcan Dempsey’s presentation for University of Pittsburgh
Kim Brabour and David Marshall, at First Monday

And here’s the Storify that captures the session, as seen through the twitterings of attendees.


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