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Creative Providence: Past, Present and Future. An NEH Grant Proposal.

We’re  submitting a planning grant to the NEH for a new program that will link Providence’s creative past with its creative future. Here’s a summary: The Brown Center for Public Humanities seeks $34,100 to cover the costs of planning and testing a series of pop-up installations and events that tie Providence’s past as a locus …

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Should you get a Ph.D to work in a history museum? – Part 1

Should you get an MA or Ph.D to work in a history museum? I talk to many students interested in museum work. They ask about what training they should get for this. My story is pretty straight now. For better or worse, an MA seems to be necessary to get ahead in the museum world. …

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Museum criticism, inside and out

(a response to the conversation at An important question, and you do a good job of getting at the basic challenge. Insiders pull their punches. Outsiders take potshots. Insiders have something to sell. Outsiders don’t understand the politics and the practicalities. I’ve been both a museum insider and an academic critic, sometimes both at …

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